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mdna has her grill, and now i’ve got mine too

Madonna and her grill http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2561717/Madonnas-eight-year-old-son-David-gets-gold-grills-just.html

MDNA’s grill

No, I didn’t buy a grill like Madonna, but I do have metal on my teeth. These ones are called braces.Along with having a bite issue, my front teeth have been rotating outward. This was brought to my attention back in my 20’s, and over time they have continued to move.  [Read more →]

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april’s bloody mary

going to town on my Pickled BlaMa at Cookshop

Since moving to NYC, I have quickly learned that going out to brunch is a way of life here. Just like going the gym, getting your morning cup of joe on the way to work, or being a proud owner of a metro card. It’s part of the lively hood. As the weather breaks into spring, brunch is a given among all the other fantastic outdoor things to do. [Read more →]

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a denim cleanse

a denim cleansing

Some of my denim stacked on a chair

The other morning while I was getting ready for work, I decided to wear jeans. I wanted to be stylishly relaxed and comfy. I was already running tight on time, I started rummaging through them and was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find my favorite pair. [Read more →]

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their back and kind of cool……..

There back, members only jackets http://retro-ads.net/v/1980s/Fashion/Kids/1984_MembersOnly.jpg.html

Do you remember these? Back in the 80′s I was dating a guy, who I wouldn’t say was really stylish, but was open to buying some hip items to upgrade his style. At the time, Members Only jackets were pretty safe, I think even my dad had one. M.O.’s motto was “when you put it on, something happens”.  Now what guy wouldn’t go for that?

I think the hotness of the Member Only jackets soon faded away. Instead of feeling cool with them on your back, you were now having fingers pointed and smirking at you. Fickle fashion, shame on you. Soon after, the company went bankrupt and you could find plenty of M.O’s at your local thrift store (I’ve got Devo playing on Spotify, as I am typing this. Classic). The brand was resurrected in 2003, and the women’s line came on board in 2004.

[

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things that make me go, humm?

Moschino Runway Capsule Collection Fall Winter 2014 http://www.moschino.com/special/capsulecollection14?tp=59427&utm_source=OS&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=OS_MoschinoCC_Feb14&tskay=BD67EC2D

I am a fan of the unusual and unexpected, and I often find myself immediately drawn to things that are out of the ordinary, and the more I sense they will spark a conversation, I’m in.

[

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something wild 1986

Something Wild Movie 1986 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091983/

I remember when I first saw the movie “Something Wild” in 1986, directed by Jonathan Demme. I was immediately captivated by the opening song “Loco De Amor” sung by David Byrne and Celia Cruz, while seeing a panoramic view of New York City. 

[

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inspiration that is getting me ready

Wassily Kandinsky Small World IV http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/wassily-kandinsky/small-worlds-iv-1922

I love to find inspiration from other sources than blogs, magazines, or  people watching. I recently saw this Wassily Kandinsky “Small Worlds IV” picture and found myself thinking of how I could interpret this into an outfit.

[

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I’m not done yet

“I think older women still have a full life”  Betty White age 92 [Read more →]

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word-ly fashion-S2014

Olympia le Tan S/2014 http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2014RTW-OLTAN/#12

Olympia Le-Tan S2014


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a question for you……


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