Vintage Gems
There back, members only jackets

Do you remember these? Back in the 80’s I was dating a guy, who I wouldn’t say was really stylish, but was open to buying some hip items to upgrade his style. At the time, Members Only jackets were pretty

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I’m currently sporting a Kate Lanphere (US ELLE Style Director) asymmetrical do, she is fierce! I’m one of those gals, that will occassionally lust long hair. I’ll decide that I am going to grow it out, and after going through

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If you can, remember back when the jelly shoe was all the rage?

February 28, 2011

My Arm Candy

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arm candy

We were invited to a birthday party this weekend. so I decided to break out some arm candy, and wear one of my vintage purses. I started collecting vintage handbags a few years ago. Some of my finds include Enid

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