a picture of Liza Sheehy

A huge 80’s music fan, who loves movies with a happy and inspirational ending. Anything pink puts me in a temporary hypnotic state, and then I snap out of it feeling happy. Lover of animals and along with my endearing husband, we have rescued all of our family pets.

A world traveler in the making, who fell in love in with this big NYC city at the age of 18, and after m-a-n-y years later, reached my goal of living here. I explore this city every day, whether it is a quick NYC second, or an all day adventure.

In a snapshot:

  1. Favorite Band: The Police
  2. Favorite Movie: Something Wild
  3. Favorite Designer: Moschino
  4. Favorite Food: Sushi, 7 days a week
  5. Favorite Dessert: Dougnut Plant
  6. Favorite Drink: Spicy Bloody Mary’s
  7. Favorite Crowd: Husband, all loved ones, you know who you are and our furry children.
  8. Favorite Hobby: Fashion

I hope you can take away a little something from this blog, and know that it is never too late to realize your dreams. I am living proof!

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