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August 6, 2014

For a Day at the Beach

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I believe you should always have a tote packed with essentials, so your always ready to make a sudden day trip to the beach. All these goodies make a great day for sunning, relaxing and of course looking good!. Shiseido Urban

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July 9, 2014

Summer Whites

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White Linen Fabric

Besides the hot and at times sticky days of summer weather, I wonder how can you dress cool and chic. I get inspired by the summer white looks, but I have yet to really achieve this look for myself. I

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Photo of beets and carrots nspired by Fresh Veggies

Outfitting inspiration comes from everywhere, I love to look at things and ask myself “how can I be inspired by this?” The colors of these beautiful veggies inspired this look for me.

Moschino Runway Capsule Collection Fall Winter 2014

I am a fan of the unusual and unexpected, and I often find myself immediately drawn to things that are out of the ordinary, and the more I sense they will spark a conversation, I’m in.


I love to find inspiration from other sources than blogs, magazines, or  people watching. I recently saw this Wassily Kandinsky “Small Worlds IV” picture and found myself thinking of how I could interpret this into an outfit.

March 4, 2014

Soft Hues

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These Lulu candles remind me of the soft awakening of spring.

February 18, 2013


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Red has always been a favorite color of mine. Lipstick, Cherries, Bloody Mary’s just a few red things that I love. Red lovelies that I am lusting……………..   Round Toe Pumps Alberto Guardiani x i-D Magazine Illustration Antonio Vargas Pinup

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February 11, 2013

Commuter Gal

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My lust list for this commuting NYC gal. I usually walk to work, or use public transportation. One thing I have realized is that I have a lot I need to haul around with me. One thing that is a

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January 24, 2013

From This to This

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cozy spring inspiration

This photo is inspiring for me in so many ways. With mild temps to date in NYC, spring is around the corner and as it is my favorite time of the year, I can’t wait for it to be here.

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martha stewart gift wrapping inspiration

Yep, it is that time of the year again, and in my world, we have been focusing on gift giving. Which got me thinking, what would I want on my Father Christmas lust list?

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