Oh lordy, it has been quite a while…and it has all been good!

Funny how our lives can go through so many turns and twists. You get distracted here and there. You become focused on this and let go a little of that. It ‘s just how we get through life at times.

I was determined to make some changes, and a big one was regarding my career. I have had many great professional opportunities in my lifetime, but I knew that in the present, I wasn’t feeling challenged enough. I missed learning new things and making big contributions that made me feel like I was a true value. Did I want to keep moving down this path? or was I ready for something else and a complete change? I could of settled in my job and got away with doing the bare minimum to appear I was “doing my job”. But, it wouldn’t take me long to feel that I was working a lie. As I’ve always felt, I am not done yet, and there is so much I want to do in my professional and personal life.

With focus, lots of practice, sincerity, determination, insight and drive, I landed a new job! It literally came to me, from that professional networking site.  Someone up there said “Don’t worry child, when the time is right it will come to you” and it did. It was hard at times, after an interview I would know when I missed the mark. Or, I would leave thinking “OMG, I want to work there!” Then I would never hear from those that I interviewed with. Not even with a thanks but no thanks email. (Note to recruiters, take 2 seconds to at least send a turn down generated email message, I understand how busy you may be, but it really does leave an impression with an individual).

I am happy to be back in my professional work environment. It is the industry that I started out in before I made my way into the fashion world. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my fashion experience. It allowed me opportunity to work across the country, learn huge, meet some amazing creative people and in the end finally allowed me the opportunity to make it to my lifetime destination, NYC.

I really enjoy being back in my new techy world, loving it and the people I work with. I do miss my fashionistas, but with a true effort on both of our parts, we will keep in touch.

So now what do I do on my weekends? Figure out how to turn an eclectic, funky wardrobe into a professional one…stay tuned. Happy Belated 2015!