I rediscovered this song this weekend after listening to a podcast on Studio 360. Kate Pierson was talking about her single artist project titled Guitars and Microphones, that will be released this month. She talked a bit about the B52’s, and their story of how they came to be. In the end, she mentioned that they were taking a break. I felt a little sad because I really enjoy this band, and have had the opportunity to see them in concert. I started to think back to when I first heard the B52’s, which was many years ago, I fell in love with them immediately. The music really stood out as unique, amusing and just plain fun. Kate and Cindy, large bouffant wigs, singing in weird sounds and perfectly in unison. Seeing Fred out in center, who was great at what I call sing-talking. The vibe was “We are all here to have a good time, and you should be too!”

I am happy to see that they will be on tour, with a stop in NYC this spring. I plan on attending and getting my dance on when they play my song. I hope you enjoy getting some Rock Lobster today, what better way to start off the work week?