I recently did a closet cleanse, in which I determined which items I will move to my “temporarily out of commission” section of the closet. If I have decided to part with something, I will donate it to my favorite charity Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Thrift store. For those special items or if I know my sister is lacking in her wardrobe, I will give her my “hand me overs”, which she always appreciates.

I have this Nieves Lavi skirt, that I have had for a while, I love the colors and the drape. It never really fit me well as a skirt, and so I rarely wear it, but I cannot seem to part with it. I started thinking how could I wear this and really enjoy what I love about it. Problem solved, it has been re-purposed as a hi-lo halter dress. When these pictures were being taken the skies were about to open with a heavy downpour. Even in the heat and humidity this dress was perfect.

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Clutch Juicy Couture

Belt Vena Cava