Spring 2012 miu miu western leather mules

I was taken aback when I saw mules on 2012 spring runway, and filed it away in my fashion memory bank. Now that we are in full fledged spring mode, I find myself thinking, “yeah, those were not my favorite style, and they are back?”

It’s not like mules are a new thing. They have been around forever dating back to the 18th century, and were apparently influenced by an earlier backless version that dated back to the 16th century. Get this, for whatever reason, in the early 20th century it is said the mule became very popular with prostitutes…maybe for the convenience of the quickie on and off factor?

I have a couple of mules that I have hung on to. One pair of black leather dolce & gabbana, that are a ruched pointy close-toed version with a the spikiest heel ever (what was I thinking?). The other pair open-toed prada mules, in the prettiest vibrant pink ever. I have worn them a couple of times, and after I purchased them, I realized I was a walking accident waiting to happen. In some instances it happen. My spiky dolce & gabbana’s were probably the most accident prone for me. Let’s see there was the “mid stride with the heel getting caught in the perfect little hole”, The “quick strut with the heel twisting under me”, causing ankle pain and swelling. Then there was the monetary accident, “the spiky heels supporting all of my weight” that required regular visits to the shoe repair man, which made him happy and me not so, handing over $30 bucks per visit…that money could of gone toward makeup!

The beautiful pink prada’s, have a small strap that goes over to top of my foot, which is the only way those babies stayed on. I could look so fashionably chic, but once you heard me walking toward you, you would think, “what is that slapping sound?” It was the combination of the heel slapping on the ground, and then immediately slapping against the sole of my foot. Close your eyes and imagine, it is not pretty. Plus, with my wide foot, the strap was so uncomfortable, it just hit me in the wrong area, that after the end of the day, they would go in back of my closet, collect dust and not see the light of day for a long time.

I guess the fact is I’m not a mule girl, and will most likely never buy a pair again. As I see them popping up here and there, I’ll dust off my surviving mules and put them on a shelf. That way I’ll remember my little mishaps, the money I spent on them, and the fact that even though they may be fashionable again. I should spend my shoe money on something more secure, and less accident prone.