Over the weekend I saw the 1943 classic film “the gangs all here” at the film forum. The movie was over the top, campy, and so visually beautiful with costumes, intense color and imagery. I must of been smiling throughout the whole film because afterward my face ached from smiling.

The film took me away to a dream world of song and dance. I was interested in seeing the film mainly because of carmen miranda. I got so much more with the busby berkeley choreography, over the top studio shots, dozens and dozens of dancers, and to see carmen sing “lady in the tutti -fruitti hat”. The era was beautiful, I’ve always admired 1940’s fashion, with the hairstyles, fashion and lifestyle. As I watched carmen, she was such a talent, who died too young. Some may think of her as over the top, but she was a hard worker, talented, and beautiful and for a time the highest paid women entertainer of her time. She  also designed her costumes, bathing suits and hats. She inspired me to create a retro look.

 kenneth jay lane coral and jade cocktail ring

charlotte olympia mable printed platform pumps

amanda wakeley hammered silk satin maxi skirt

dolce & gabbana chili pepper print bustier

lydellnyc gold and coral bangle set

lydellnyc orange necklace

bhldn well versed turban