Looking hopeful for 2014…?

What is lizatakesfashion? Who is it for? Does anyone care? I’d like to think somebody out there does, and dang it, so should I. I was all over the place with this blog, I wanted it to be perfect from the start; pretty, youthful, and the envy of all others.

But my blog and life is not like that, and neither am I. I am a women, experiencing what some might call a “mid-life” crisis. I’d like to think of it as a continuation of life’s internal search to fulfill needs; mine are in the form of family, career, growth and creativity.

My Life: My husband and I are entering our second year of living in two different states. I miss him, even when he pisses me off. I miss his laughter, the warmth and comfort of being in his presence, listening to his stories of growing up in London and Ireland, enjoying the simple things like shopping for sweets at the english food store. Long overdue, going on vacations together, and knowing that if anything happened to me this second, he is the last vision I would want to see. Can I truthfully say when we will be together?, I want it now, but it is playing out more like someday.

My Career and Growth: I love what I do, but I have this voice that keeps saying to me “your not done yet”. At my age most people are a lot further along than I am. I must confess, I come from a family of late bloomers, which I have accepted and am very proud of. It makes me hopeful. I also have this continuing desire that kind of scares me, but mostly intrigues me. I want to learn everything, I can be all over the place, and most times this is my biggest nemesis. This girl has got to bring it in.

Creativity: For me is fashion, I love it, but I also realize that I can be greatly hampered by it. You know when your just not feeling it, it can be fickle. Some of my best days is walking around the city, not a bit of makeup, except for my best red lipstick, wearing sunglasses and dressed to impress myself. Then there are days when I can look at my closet and say to myself “what the hell am I going to wear?”. I enjoy styling others, personally for me, there are times I feel severely fashion-capped.

So by coming clean, I guess I am sorting it out, which is just part of life. Lizatakesfashion is me and all aspects of who I am, beyond fashion. In regards to being youthful, I feel it and that is what counts. I am also blessed with good genes. If I can keep them guessing I’m happy. In regards to feeling pretty, I have my moments. For instance when the dark circles under my eyes aren’t as prominent as usual, that is a good day. Or when I look at what should be my waistline and think,”what’s your excuse? You’ve never had children, where did it go?” I’ll take the good day, and sigh with the bad and move on. I confess, in all honesty, I am not envious. I feel we are all where we are at because it’s our journey. For some of us, we can feel  like we are the luckiest person on the earth. I’ve had times like that, and then there is the other side of it. When we look ahead, put our head down, take a deep breath, straighten our posture and say to ourselves ” How the hell is this gonna play out?”

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