One of my New Year resolutions is to be a good girl and get regular check ups. So today, I had a date with my dentist. Since moving to NYC, I did some research and was so happy to have found Tribeca Dental Design. Now going to the dentist may not be at the top of everyone’s to do list, but for me I want to enure I have my chompers for a long time.

feeling pretty in a dental bib

I wanted to look pretty for my dentist, not in a flirty kind of way. I truly appreciate what they do, they take the ugly or painful, and make it pretty and pain free.
So I decided that if they were going to have to stare at me up close with my mouth wide open, eyes twitching due to water splashing about, along with the sounds of a drill, and sucking noises of the pipe (that is in my mouth to catch god knows what), topped off with the sight of me following instructions after hearing “you can go ahead and spit in the sink”. Yeah, I had to pretty-up all of that.

As I lay in the chair I knew my top half would be covered with the dental bib, and my bottom half would be in plain view. I wore pleated skirt, large fishnet tights and peep toe heels with funky charms, even I liked the view. I did get lots of compliments from my dentist and the assistant, they asked me what I type of work I did and we even ended up talking fashion. I feel they appreciated my effort and I left feeling pretty, my teeth sparkling clean, even while half of my face was numb. It was a good date and I know we will see each other again.

I'm done, just a bit numb