I usually try to avoid weighing myself on the scale, unless there is some major weight shifting going on, or it has been a long time since I have checked the scale. When I think that I have gained some poundage, I’ll reach out for my skinny clothes, determine how they fit and I’ll think.

A.”Cool, no worries, clothes fit like they should”


B. I have been a bad, bad girl!

As I have done this many times, I’ll then have a nice chat with myself about how I need to get off my ass, and start working out. If I don’t have a workout buddy like I did when I was in Florida (miss you Sis).  I know, I need to get myself going again, and it is all up to me. In the beginning I can usually look forward to some nasty mind games, you know the kind “Your so tired, and not in the mood to go to the gym, it’s OK to miss out a couple of work outs, there is always next week”. I’ll admit I’ll most likely have some slip ups along the way,  but when I put my “bad” mind in its place something kicks in, and I am like “hell, yeah, I am going to kick butt, be fit, healthy and toned!”

In the meantime, while I am getting back into the workout game, I am discovering those unused body parts that are yelling back at me when I am working out. “Hey, where did you come from? stop that!”  I now love it when I leave a class tired and achy from working out, instead of experiencing the kind of pain when I think to myself “oh, that hurts, I must be falling apart”.

Note, to my instructors out there, yeah, it has been a while since I have worked out. I want to thank you beforehand  for playing your intense house music loud, shouting out positive reinforcements, and making sure I am doing the moves correctly.  I also want you to know that my evil looking face (please don’t take it personally) will turn into a happy face when the class is over…and I’ll be back.