You know the feeling you get when you leave the salon after you have had your hair done? Or the sense of a new wardrobe after you pick up your dry cleaning. How about when you go to pick up  your rejuvenated shoes that have been given new life via the shoe repairman? It is such a great feeling of newness, and starting over.

That is how I feel at the beginning of a new year. I look ahead at the possibilities and the excitement of what may await me. I think about goals and write down what is it that I want to accomplish. Sometimes I know exactly how I am going to approach these goals, and sometimes I need to do some homework to put a plan in place. When done, and I see it on paper I feel motivated, inspired and ready to face all the newness and challenges that may come my way. It is a great feeling of hope, mixed in with some uncertainty and a sprinkle of fear.

The end to my 2012 had some unexpected surprises, but all in all it was a very good year. I did discover that I am adaptable, very grateful and fortunate, and have plenty of work ahead of me for 2013, which I look forward to.