I do this all the time, grow my hair out then cut it short, real short. So here I am again, letting it grow out and it is driving me nuts.

In general I love both short and long hair, I wish I could wake up every morning and say “Today I am going to sport a topknot” or “I want a pixie ala Michelle Williams”.  You know, hair takes work. Plus there are all these other elements in the mix with hair such as chemical (bad dye job), human (ever asked for a bob and got a haircut that looks like the cheese grater got to it?) and finally natural (like sporting a afro when it is humid). I also believe hair has a mind of it’s own, no matter how much you try to blow dry a cowlick flat, it speaks back to you and says “screw you, I going to stay this way!”

When it is long (someday), I’ll still have hair dilemmas. But the good thing I can pull it back, throw it in a pony tail and off I go.  So for now I tell myself “just think by next July, you’ll have long hair” hoping it will make me feel good, but that seems like forever.