As I was walking in Chelsea on a nice late Sunday afternoon, I found myself walking behind this couple. I thought to myself “they must, be on a date, or newly dating.”

Then I was taken aback by the fact that this girl was wearing was wearing 8 inch heels, on the streets of nyc! I always walk in flats and then change into my heels when I get to work. After seeing this girl, I thought  to myself “sissy!” (my thoughts on this, in another post.)

This gal really went all out to make an effort, in comparison to her male companion. She is carrying a big floppy ala 1970’s style hat, which she probably started out wearing and now is carrying it. She also paired the belted casual short and top with these big in your face 8 inch neutral high heel pumps, and I can tell you she was doing pretty good walking in them. No signs of “oh god my feet hurt”, or walking in crazy patterns due to  trying to avoid the treacherous grates, dog poop, uneven surfaces and god knows what else on these nyc sidewalks. Then I thought “how is she gonna handle that upcoming curb with the dotted pattern”? I will tell you this, she managed it well and worked it like a pro. I did feel her pain, and thought “damn girl, if you can make it look like walking in 8 inch heels is no biggie I am impressed!” I wondered how long had they been walking around?

Next I looked at the guy and thought “he has got it so easy..flip flops, jeans and a tee-shirt, how much effort did you make?” I hope you treat her to cab ride home.