Last week, I attended a Leifsdotter fashion show at Anthropologies’ Soho location. It featured Leifsdotter and Leifsnotes, spring collection. In attendance was creative designer Johanna Uurasjarvi. Before the show started, Johanna shared her inspiration behind her collection which,  was based on vintage finds, travel and nature.

What was so nice about this fashion show, is that the models were comprised of Anthropologie customers and employees. It was nice to see the fun they were having when walking the runway. The collection was full of intricate beading details, floral prints, neon colors mixed in with some of the other brands and accessories that Anthropologie carries. It made it all the more exciting to start thinking about new additions to my spring wardrobe. Yes, I have my list! In the end it was about being surrounded by those who love fashion, shopping and having the store to ourselves as this was a private event. There was a DJ spinning tunes, guests in cool outfitting, with drinks and beverages a nice delight. I look forward to next year’s soiree.