Mango Glorieta dress $130.

photo via Mango Glorieta dress $130.

Maxi dresses are so comfortable, and are a favorite of mine for so many reasons. Here are my seven….

1. “I’ve been so busy, I haven’t gotten my bi-weekly pedicure”

photo via Anthropologie Macias Maxi dress $228.

Go for a dress with a ruffle at the bottom to give you just a little flair, so the toes are hidden while standing and when walking, they will not be as noticeable.

2. “opps I forgot to shave my legs!”

photo via TOPSHOP White fluorescent embroidered bandeau maxi $68.

3. “I’ve been working hard on this body”

photo via Free People Ruby stripe column dress $78.

Go for a body skimming version of the maxi, but if you are not completely confident, wear with Spanx

4. “I am feeling so bloated today”

photo via ZARA Floral dress $60.

Go for a blouson style maxi or one that you can belt and to create the look, a skinny belt will work best for this effect.

5.”I don’t want to worry about being a lady when I have to chase my 2 year old”

photo via Tibi Iris Ikat long dress $398.

You may want to have more of a secure top version, but you can bend, not worry about showing your privates, and if you need to wipe your little ones nose, there is plenty of fabric available….you never know.

6. “I still believe you should look good when traveling”

photo via Anthropologie Frida Maxi dress $ 148.

Train, auto or plane, this is a great dress, wrinkle free jersey and comfortable. Who says fashion has to fly out the door when traveling.  The length adds a nice layer if you get a little chilly.

7. “I want to look like I’m on holiday”

photo via jcrew Amie stripe maxi dress $98.

Need to run some errands, wear this dress, add some fab sunnies and earrings, and everyone will think your on holiday. So stylish!

Share with me your favorite maxi dress!