I remember when I first saw the movie “Something Wild” in 1986, directed by Jonathan Demme. I was immediately captivated by the opening song “Loco De Amor” sung by David Byrne and Celia Cruz, while seeing a panoramic view of New York City.

It made me yearn to be back in the city. I was reminded of my first journey to NYC in 1978, which was when the city got under my skin, and I knew New York was where I was destined to be. As the movie continues, I was taken in by Lulu in her Louise Brooks haircut, colorful bracelets, red lipstick and eclectic style. She is sitting in a diner reading a Frida Kahlo biography, while watching Charlie settle his check. Charlie is a successful, conservative clean cut “Wall Streeter” (was there ever such a thing?).  He has boyish looks, and wears his suit well. I could sense there would be some type of interaction between these two, and could hardly wait to see what lie ahead for them.

Something Wild Movie 1986 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091983/

While in the diner, Lulu seeks him out, after seeing that this clean cut guy has a little bit of bad boy in him. After she approaches him, she offers him a ride back to his office, and soon the adventure begins. As they get to know each other, Charlie realizes that he should loosen up. He becomes mesmerized by Lulu, her sexiness, quirkiness, unpredictability and her ability to live on the edge. I was rooting for them to be together, just because they seem so opposite of each other.

Something Wild  Movie "Lulu and Charlie" 1986

Suddenly, the movie takes a turn and becomes dark, I promise no spoiler alert here. If you haven’t seen “Something Wild”, add it to your list of films to see. If you have seen it, your due for a refresh. I hope you too enjoy the adventure, cinematography, music, scenery, fashion and transformation of Charlie and Lulu.

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