I was a week behind in watching one of my favorite shows, HBO’s “Girls”. Season 3, episode 7.  This is one of my favorites. The storyline was good, and as usual the interaction between the characters was hilarious. I found that the one thing that I became obsessed with, was Hannah in her aqua green bikini.

When I first saw her in her bikini, I was in a state of mild shock, and I remember saying out loud “Oh no,.. she isn’t”, then I was at a loss of words. Through the course of the episode, Hannah rides a bike, performs a dance number, pours drink on herself, eats dinner, jumps around, is sitting down in deep conversation, and arguing in that bikini!

Throughout my life my weight has fluctuated between 10-25 lbs. I’ve mostly been a one piece bathing suit kind of gal, and can only remember two times when I found myself brave enough to wear a two-piece bikini. Are you familiar with the magazines summer bathing suit issues? I am the one that always ends up in the one-piece bathing suit category (I blame my thick middle). I bet Hannah would be in that category too, but she just doesn’t care. In the episode there is a scene where Hannah is looking into a market window as some guys say mean things about her when she has her back to them. She hears their comments, turns around realizes that they know each other. If that was me, I would of run off screaming, changed into some sweats and sunglasses and caught the next bus out of town.

Hannah, thanks for not giving a crap about what people think about you and your bikini. You are comfortable in your body, I admire you for that.

Lena Dunham in Vogue http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/lena-dunham-the-new-queen-of-comedys-first-vogue-cover/#1

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