Ahhh, sweets I love them, I can’t imagine living without them. It goes back to when I was a kid, we were moderately rewarded with sweets. I know they have a bad rap, and without moderation it can turn out really ugly. For instance, when my father suddenly passed away, I was depressed and resorted to laying around eating frosting out of the can. I later realized that this was one way I was trying to cope, and with the sudden weight gain, I had to find healthier means of dealing with the loss.

When I think of that time, I believe it was my way of  looking for that bit of happiness I felt with sweets and my Daddo (which I lovingly called him). He would treat us to Pink Popcorn and Cotton Candy at the county fair. He would be my “go to” for money, when I heard the ice cream truck coming down the street. At Halloween time, we would toss the contents of our trick or treat bags onto the kitchen table. We would observed as he tossed out the potentially “risky” candies or set aside those that we identified as “do not wants”. They were usually the coconut ones which he loved, and would keep for himself. Then our parents would allowed us to choose a few that we could eat. When we were distracted with something else, our parents would hide our stash, which my sister and I would eventually find.

See’s candies, were a real treat for us. When there was a box in the house, my sister and I would sneak over to it, while one of us acted as a lookout. When the coast was clear we would turn the candies over and stick our finger through the bottom.  While being careful to avoid disrupting the top of the candy.  This way we could see the inside, and would know if it was what we wanted,  instead of taking the risk of biting into one saying “yuck” and putting it back in the box, which our parents did not appreciate.

There are some people that swear off the sugar, I can’t fathom how they can do this. But if it works for them, more power to them. I feel I’ve got a good handle on it and I rather work extra hard in the gym, or sacrifice something else then give up on the sweets. Today, I wanted a little bit of sweet happiness so I went to my local Baked by Melissa for mini cupcakes.

baked by melissa

the store is so shiny, and minimalist, with the focus being on those yummy little sweets…..

many sweet beauties

rows of happiness……



my “to go” box, three lovelies, with just enough sweetness to put a smile on my face.